Hello, nice to see you…

While you are here, take your time to sift through these pages where I have written about issues which move me.  Many things inspire and motivate me, more often than not, it is people and it is places.

I believe strongly that without our environment there is no economy. I am a proponent of Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp, I advocate for stronger regional communities through regional development and I am a proud supporter of Australia becoming a Republic.

I  believe that securing our food and water into the future is not something we should hope for but rather something we should strive for, and that we should allow science and research to drive innovation and economic growth.

I often retreat to the sanctuary, my sanctuary, of the beach at Moonta Bay to find peace and equilibrium.

My frown lines are borne out of concern and sometimes fear and sadness; and my ample laughter lines are from living, loving and being hopeful.