A stillness on the ether

A new year, a new decade and a stillness on the ether.

A decade of tumultuous change and personal growth is about to draw to a close.  I am feeling a sense of calm wash over me.  It is surreal and profound.   My soul is finding a new peace and it makes me smile.  Truly smile.

Now is not a time to rush nor pre-empt what the future holds but rather it is a time to let nature takes its course, to stand still and be patient.  It is a beautifully natural course.  Naturally beautiful.

I love retreating to my sanctuary, to immerse myself in the elements.  I love exploring the environment, natural and built.  Just days ago, drifting in my kayak under the Moonta Bay jetty, I simply observed. 

I watched swallows at home in the timbers above me, their quiet voices echoing, their nests precarious.  I was entranced by the movement of the tide as it swirled around the pylons leaving imperfect yet perfect patterns on the surface.

Just below the surface, clinging on for dear life a colony of limpets, their shells glistening, caught my attention.  I can so relate to these tiny marine molluscs at home in these temperate waters.  I looked at the hard shells and thought about my own weathered exterior and the virtual armour I have created over the years to protect the softness beneath.  It is so much more than a veneer; it serves as a shield when my vulnerabilities bubble to the surface.  It has served me well. It will continue to serve me well.

I think about the connection that this tiny creature has with its host, in this case an aged and weathered pylon, a once living tree and I think about my connections.  I think about relationships that ebb and flow and I consider the pace of life and I wish for it to slow – to find that stillness, to be present.   I think about how the softness of the creature rests upon the smoothness of the timber, akin to skin on skin.  The thought brings comfort and peace.  It’s equally maternal and romantic.

I think about the elements that surround me, embody me and support me, support life.

Earth – I adore the connection I make with the earth when I walk upon the sand.  I don’t try to mask my aches and pains; they remind me I am very much alive.

Water – The coolness, the colours of sapphire blue and emerald green.  The shapes that dance in the depths, the creatures that inhabit that mercurial place. Mesmerising.

Fire – Our life-giving Sun at it rises and when it falls beyond the horizon.  Fire in the sky.  Fire in my belly. Fire in my heart.  Each burn brightly.

Air – I breathe deeply, consciously, I fill my lungs with pungent salty air and then I exhale.  Slowly. Deliberately.  I breathe in.  I breathe out.  I feel connection.

Space – I truly get a sense of the vastness of our world when I look beyond the terrestrial.  The night sky is my place of solace.  Either in the darkness of a moonless southern sky, where the planets, stars and constellations are beacons to travellers or when a gibbous moon enchants those who gaze upon it is this place, this space that captivates me.

I am ready to dance into a new decade and my dance will commence with a stillness.  I recognise to achieve this stillness I am required to surrender the past.  I have done it before, and I will do it again.  To surrender is to be wise and courageous. 

A stillness on the ether.

Let it be.

2 Replies to “A stillness on the ether”

  1. Beautiful D, wishing you a memorable launch, albeit still, into the next decade, where I am certain a new dawn awaits that sees you facing forward, while still acknowledging the faded scars of the last decade. They are part of your story and success, which you should carry with pride as you celebrate your growth, evolution and triumphs of the last decade. Love you my friend. Xx

  2. Beautiful Dianah,
    Thank you for sharing. I too am Welcoming the new decade with stillness and surrender choosing to be in wonderment of what is waiting for me to explore and create. I choose to live and thrive fully and fearlessly ❤️❤️❤️

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