My Sanctuary in photographs

Pelican Procession


Sunset – Simms Cove
Moonta Bay Jetty – Golden Hour
Clifftop view – Simms Cove – Moonta Bay
Winter Storm
Sunset Silhouette
Ball & chain
Pylons – Moonta Bay Jetty
The Sentinels – The Breakwater
Roped in – A lone mooring
Golden Hour – Moonta Bay January 2019
Water’s edge
Kayak calm
Last light
Winter’s night – fire in the sky
Clouds forming a delicate veil
Sunrise reflecting over the Gulf
Branching out
Nature’s brushstrokes
Calm seas
Silver & Gold
Underbelly – Moonta Bay Jetty
White & Black

Colourful pylon – teaming with life
Night falls
Storm brewing